Nissan Has Hit a Milestone!

While Nissan is always making strides with the vehicles that they produce; a new milestone has come about for the company! Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Has engineered 150 million vehicles around the world! Since the origination of the company in 1933, Nissan has grown tremendously and continues to provide us with quality and reliable vehicles. Nissan and the success of producing an immense amount of vehicles may be because of the successful combination of multiple factors. For instance, all of the dealerships, employees, and more, all work in harmony.

In August of 2017, that is when Nissan rolled out the 150-millionth vehicle. In addition, there are other exciting elements to look forward to with Nissan. An example is the innovative technology that you will get to experience with the 2018 Nissan LEAF and its Nissan Intelligent Mobility. There are also many other innovative amenities that Nissan offers for other vehicles as well. Explore our current Nissan inventory at Jenkins Nissan of Leesburg and see which one catches your eye here in Leesburg, FL.

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