The winter months can be hard on our automobiles; snow, ice, road salt, and chemicals can really do a job on your body and paint and winter weather can also do a number on your gas tank.

Some people consistently run on empty, or thereabouts, maybe because of the cost of filling up all at once, or just an aversion to stopping; however, this can cause mechanical issues. As gasoline passes through the fuel pump it acts as a coolant, so running low on gas can cause the pump to overheat and suck in air, causing intensive wear, or pull trash from the gas tank into the filter, both causing costly repairs.

Mechanics recommend keeping your car’s gas tank more than ¼ full at all times, and more than half full in the winter when condensation can form in the tank, freeze, and burst your fuel lines; another costly repair. So filling up frequently may be inconvenient but it can save you hundreds of dollars in repairs.

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